The nature of kids tends to imitate their mothers as they spend more time around them in the home. Therefore, they start trying to be like their moms and immediately learn to smile like their moms, making noises also that are quite similar.

From this, mannerism comes to the kids. Likewise, eating is not totally another domain here as the food choices, cooking meals and eating have an influence on the healthy eating habits of the kids.

Children learn very much from the fitness as well as nutrition behavior of their mothers. They think of them as their role models as per their attitudes based on food preferences. According to the health experts across the globe, it is the responsibility of the moms to provide a proper balanced diet to their children.

Healthy Eating Habits

  • From researches, it has been found that the kids who have their meals with their mothers tend to have a food interest towards eating more and more vegetables, dairy products as well as fruits which are the most balanced diets.
  • With this approach, moms can raise their children to become high-achieving, well-adjusted as well as healthy lifestyles in future. Family meals have a very positive impact on the academic achievement of the kids also. In addition to it, balanced diets infuse self-esteem among them due to the healthy aspects associated with it.
  • Most of the kids look for fun foods, and they tend to follow their friends and classmates for these. However, it is the responsibility of the moms to choose what the kid should eat or not as these fun foods many a time are the causes of childhood obesity.

Responsibility of the moms

Guiding the dietary plan for a child is a very delicate work, and there is no doubt about it. It determines the eating habit of a kid and the responsibility of the mothers is huge in such case. A mother should encourage the child to make a healthy and nutritional choice when it comes to balanced diet, but moms should not hover or pester too much when it comes to the eating habits and food choices of the kids.

They have to take charge with the help of presenting the balanced foodstuffs; nevertheless, they shouldn’t directly teach the kids that some foods are bad.

Don’t negotiate with your kid like the number of bites, he/she going to have before getting the dessert. It is the job of the moms to try new kind of nutritional foods now and then as the kids show no particular interest in the balanced food if you don’t change them often. In other words, try not to limit the palate of the kids otherwise you will get trapped in fixing the meals.

Most of the mothers, therefore, present varieties of nutritional food products even though the kid refuses to eat. In these circumstances, try to encourage the child that his/her favorite food will be given to him at the snack time. Skipping a meal is not healthy for the child, and if you think that by this approach you can force the kid to have a healthy diet, then you are wrong.

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